• Yamaguchi Prefecture is located at the western end of Honshu, and has a coastline of 1,500 kilometers with beautiful scenery. It takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Yamaguchi Ube Airport.

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Sample Itineraries

2 days trip in Yamaguchi from Fukuoka

  • If you are in Fukuoka, Yakaguchi is just around the corner! Let's visit some photogenis sopts in Yamaguchi.

4-Seater Taxi


Better for 2〜3 people

Max. 2 suitcases

107,500 JPY

9-Seater Taxi


Better for 5~7 people

Max. 8 suitcases

142,500 JPY

***Included in the price: consumption tax, petrol, insurance
***Not included in the price: Highway tolls, parking fees, vehicle return fees, etc.
***Please note: The above chartered fare is for reference only.

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Detailed Itinerary

    1. DAY 1 AM

      You will meet with a chartered taxi at Kokura station (Fukuoka Pref.)

      Kokura is located in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture. There are famous sightseeing spots such as Kokura Castle, Kokura Horse race course, Matsumoto Seicho Memorial Hall, Kanmon Strait etc.

    2. The taxi will take you to Karato Market in Yamaguchi Prefecture

      This is a very lively fish market where you can eat fresh seafood such as pufferfish and squid at the restaurant. A sushi battle will be held on weekends.

    3. Then, you will head into the famous Tsunoshima bridge

      The view of Tsunoshima Bridge against the main island from the viewing platform on the west side of the park is exceptional!! Please enjoy the outstanding scenery.

    4. PM

      The next destination is Motonosumi shrine

      This shrine was selected by CNN Travel as one of the "31 Most Beautiful Places in Japan." Please enjoy the striking contrast between the red of its gates

    5. Stay at a Onsen Ryokan in Nagato Yumoto Onsen (hotspring)

      Nagato Yumoto Onsen has the longest history of any hot spring in Yamaguchi Prefecture, tracing back over 600 years to the Muromachi Period (1336-1573). Until the Edo period (1603-1868), even daimyo, the feudal lords who ruled over the various states of Japan beneath the shogun would come to bathe here.

    6. DAY 2 AM

      Check out from the Ryokan and head to Akiyoshidai by chartered taxi

      The vast lands of the Akiyoshidai Plateau are dotted with limestone pinnacles, presenting a landscape rarely seen in Japan. The plateau was a coral reef an estimated 300 million years ago, and the karst topography that we see today is the result of the gradual dissolution of limestone by rain through the years. Akiyoshidai's scenery can be enjoyed along the main road which winds through the highland (if you have a car) or from a network of hiking trails that covers the plateau.

    7. After the trekking, you can visit the Shuhodo Cave,too.

      Various natural formations can be seen along the course, such as terraces of limestone pools filled with water, underground waterfalls and a lovely stream of cobalt blue water flowing along the path.

    8. You will end your trip at Shin Yamaguchi Station

Tips for choosing Private Charter Tours in Japan

In Japan, only “Green Label Vehicles” are legally acceptable for tour purpose and will be covered by passenger insurance. Besides, the driver of “Green Label Vehicle” must hold Class 2 license which is required when operating a commercial passenger-carrying vehicle such as a taxi or bus. Driver must be 21 years of age or older and have at least three years of experience driving under a Class 1 license. However, nowadays there are many services that provide charter tours at lower price by using “White Label Vehicles”, which by law are only allowed for private use only. In the event of a traffic accident, passengers on these illegal vehicles will not be covered by insurance. Therefore, for the sake of safety, we strongly recommend that visitors should choose a legal charter service.

Japan Tourism's charter service only provides green label vehicles and professional drivers at a reasonable price. Please feel free to contact us should you require any further information.